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Registered Scottish Charity Number SC0004049

Bible Talks

Bible based talks taking place on the 31st of August:

Subject Location
Can we live without hope? Dundee
The wisdom of Solomon Glasgow Central
Sing Praise to the Lord Glasgow Kelvin
Bible reading group Glasgow South

Dundee Christadelphian Ecclesia

Here are details of when and where we meet. Our Public Talk is an ideal occasion for first contact - unless of course you choose to email us. See below for details of public talks (time and topic). There are no costs or admission fees for any events.

All events are God willing.

For more information please email us at address.

We meet at:

5 Rattray Street
(off Ward Road)

Meeting times:

All our arrangements are subject to the Will of God:

Breaking of Bread: 11:00am (Sunday)
Public Talk: 2:15pm (Sunday)
Bible Class:
(except Jul/Aug)
7:30pm (Wednesday)

Forthcoming Talks

The following talks will begin at 2:15pm on the dates shown:

Date Subject Speaker
31st August Can we live without hope? Gordon Brown
7th September Miracles in the Bible Paul Hughes
14th September Evil And The Devil – What Does The Bible Say? Andy Webb
21st September The Trinity is not Taught in the Bible Martin Evans
28th September Countdown to Armageddon Geoff Cave