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Registered Scottish Charity Number SC014140

Bible Talks

Edinburgh Christadelphian Church

Edinburgh Christadelphian Church was founded in 1853. But as our website address indicates, we aim to understand the Bible in a way that is relevant to people and their needs today.

Our worship is a mix of the traditional and modern. We regard practical applications of our faith as of great importance, and try to show the love of God to others in many different ways.

On the first Sunday in the month, we enjoy a Fellowship Afternoon, when through a variety of activities, we get to know each other better, and to love our Lord Jesus more deeply.

Everyone is welcome at any of our services.

For more information please:

  • call us on 0131 440 1888.
  • email us at address.
  • or visit our ecclesial website.

We meet at:

4 Gayfield Place
(Opposite Valvona and Crolla)
Leith Walk

Hall telephone number: 0131 557 2182

Meeting times:

All our arrangements are subject to the Will of God:

Memorial Service: 11:15am (Sunday)
Sunday School: 11:15am (Sunday)
Memorial Service in Melrose:
(Third Sunday in the month)
11:00am (Sunday)
Afternoon Fellowship:
(First Sunday in the month)
2:00pm (Sunday)
Bible Class:
(Held in our own homes)
7:45pm (Wednesday)

Telephone 0131 556 7958 to hear a short recorded message about an aspect of Christian living.