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Genesis - It's Importance For Christianity

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Past Episodes

Have You Time To Hear The Gospel

What's Love Got To Do With It?

World Government From Jerusalem

Evolution - Can a Christian Accept It

Our Salvation - Patterns in the Old Testament

Baptism In The Old Testament

The Devil and Satan

The Good Samaritan

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Make up your mind about eternal life

Judgement at Christs return to earth

Wake up to life through the Bible

The Meaning of Christ's Death

The God of Heaven or the gods of Materialism: Which One Offers Life?

Science and The Bible

The Life of Jesus: Triumph or Tragedy?

What God Really Wants

Does It Matter What We Believe?

Bible Prophecy

Six Signs of AntiChrist

Who Can We Trust To Govern Us?

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Recent Titles include:

The Bible - A Consitent Message
Will You Go To Heaven When You Die?
Why We Believe Adam And Eve Existed

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